Content is King!

Content is King!

Content is always important to a website. Content is words… Content is images. Good content accumulates in a website.

Words power most search terms which is how most new visitors find your website. That and referral links where someone mentions your website in an article or provides a link to some content on your website.

The problem.

So, someone hires a designer to rebuild their website. That’s great from time to time but what happens to all those pictures, all the old artwork, and all those words.

A lot of designers do a clean sweep. The earlier content wasn’t their work and they just ignore it. The new design looks pretty, every salient point is covered, every feature is working, every new piece of artwork looks finished.

The owner is delighted and signs off on the new site. He just lost the game. He lost all his old content, all those great articles. External links are gone. Any images someone may have used to reference the site are gone.

If the owner is you then your previous sitemaps no longer make sense and all the SEO you might have bought and paid for is now useless. The Search engines have to start all over again.

What to do?

When shopping for a website redesign make sure you retain a complete backup of your present site. Specify in your contract that you want a redesign of your current site. Not a new design and demand your current content be left intact.

If your site is under contract with us then we’ll have the backups already and we’ll work with you and your designer to insure a seamless update or redesign.

Just let us know what your plans are and we’ll do what we can to smooth the way and preserve your valuable work. It’s all part of what we do.