Partner with Us

One of my projects requires a few ‘Offline Task Accumulator’ websites. If you are interested I’ll be glad to partner up with you by providing a basic maintenance package on a multisite WordPress in exchange for hosting one of our ‘Offline sites’.

The offline sites run a plugin pair to import content (or possibly run a different task) triggered by an external ‘Cron task’. The site is not an actual public site so there should be little impact to the rest of your operation. The sites accumulate content and then pass that on to a production server via RSS and/or XML RPCs.

This would be an $8.25 per month savings to you while possibly costing you a slight upgrade in server quality. Your server needs to be U.S. based, support addon domains and you’ll need to run WordPress which we will upgrade to Multisite. We’ll also provide an image link to our Guided WordPress site.

Over the long term I expect to help you save money on hosting and provide better uptime to your visitors thereby giving them a much better experience. And you’ll be on a well behaved WordPress multi-site where you can host other sites if you wish.

Email me with any questions [email protected]