Getting help from Guided WP!

Hi, my name is Jeff and I run Guided WP…

If you have a WordPress issue you can’t resolve then I might be able to help.

I’ll need the following from you though.

  1. A clear description of your problem.
  2. The URL of your website… (I don’t support local hosts).

I may also need…

  1. Your contact info.
  2. Login Info to your website.
  3. If I need Login Info then I’ll most likely need login info for your hosting account also.

If I’m then able to help you I’ll bill you for a 6 mo. maintenance contract. When you receive the invoice you may…

  1. Disregard it. If you don’t feel you need further help then I’ve done my job!
  2. Pay it.
  3. Thank me but decline the additional service.
  4. Provide some info about your 501c3 status, charitable status, or inability to pay at this time.

On payment I will add your site to our automated checks and maintenance system for the next 6 Mo.

  1. I’ll check your site visually once a day.
  2. I’ll provide support for most all technical problems on your site.
  3. I will attempt to create and maintain backups here offsite on a large external hard drive I maintain for just that purpose.

My goal is to fix your initial problem in a timely manner… usually within the day.

  1. Resolve issues.
  2. Provide a stable system.
  3. Maintain backups.
  4. Tend to updates.
  5.  Allow you the freedom to pursue the business of building your content and improve your business.

I’ll be here to help no matter what!


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