Here’s the deal!

I’ve been telling people for the longest time that a working WordPress based website can be had for under $35.00 to start it up…

That works out to $10.00 for a domain, $15.00 for 3 months of web hosting, and leaving you $10.00 for a pack of business cards to promote your website. Imagine an online business up and running for $35.00 out of pocket. It can be done.

In order to help people do the above, I’m gonna step in here and offer to help them. If you want my help then email me [email protected] or comment here on this post. I’ll help you, as time permits, on a first come, first served basis for free.

All I ask is you accept my help and follow my instructions then apply your own efforts to make something nice. I’m retired and volunteer my help elsewhere but it’s time for me to cut back on my volunteer efforts to deliver a bit of one on one help where needed.

I may need access to your site or your hosting account even depending on the help you need… I will need to know your domain name for sure… Don’t have a domain name yet? I’ll help guide you through that step also.

Your WordPress based website might be a simple blog, a business page, or forum, a static WordPress website, or an Indiweb enabled site.

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